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We Are The Cat Door Experts in the Tampa Bay

Whether it’s a dog door or a cat door (we even installed a door for a pot bellied pig), our pet door products are the best on the market! All Hale dog doors and cat doors are handmade and constructed with the finest materials available.

Unlike many plastic imported pet doors that do not hold up to the heat and humidity in Florida, our doors last many, many years and are backed with an unsurpassed full 5-year limited warranty for materials and labor.

Our dog doors and cat doors are energy efficient, secure, and safe. The security cover is constructed with marine grade, polymer impact resistant material. The double clear vinyl flaps keep wind, insects, and unwanted pests out.

All pet doors are available in 11 different sizes. Your customized door is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your pet. Call 727-331-0504 for more information.

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Door Models
wall model.jpg
Wall Models
screen pet door.jpg
Screen Models
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window pet door.jpg
Window Models
Panel Models
Electronic / Automatic Models
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Kennel Models
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