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Electronic / Automatic Pet Door Models

Our new generation, patented Power Pet doors provide an extremely useful solution to pet access and relieve you of Doggie Doorman Duty. Sized for both dogs and cats the patented Power Pet door is the world's only FULLY AUTOMATIC pet door and now the world's largest selling pet door.

This amazing pet door automatically opens in response to your pet's tiny ultrasonic collar. The collar is small but rugged and completely waterproof. This directional signal opens the dog door only when your pet is heading towards it, not when it is just wandering by. The bullet-proof panel provides the highest level of security of any dog door or cat door. Only the pet wearing the coded collar can open this door.

The panel opens in about one second, fast enough for the quickest pet and the door is 100% safe for pets and children. The panel is gently closed by gravity and has an auto retract mechanism that instantly lifts the panel if encounters an obstruction on the way down.

The Power Pet door also provides the best insulation, wind and weather resistance. The hermetically sealed panel remains draft free even in hurricane force winds. Installation is quick and easy. The hole you cut in your door or wall is only the size of the panel opening, the same as any conventional pet door. Wall installation kits are available to make installing in any wall a snap and provides a finished, professional look.

  • Features:

  • Full Power, Motorized Operation

  • Pet Activated

  • Directional Sensor System

  • AC or Optional Battery Operation

  • 4 Way Access Control

  • Dual Range Controls

  • Automatic Dead Bolt Lock

  • Automatic Safety Retract System

  • Keeps Out Strays

  • Increases Home Security

  • Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills

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